Day 1: A visit to Beirut,Lebanon… Hiring a Beirut Escort

My Name is Steve, I heard a lot of Country Lebanon and Lebanese people. One of my colleague is Tom who is from Beirut, Lebanon. He use to tell me some fascinating stories about his country, its places and people.
I will tell you all of them but most interesting is about the Escort in Beirut
We decided to visit the Beirut the capital of Lebanon, which has 18 religious communities, 40 daily newspapers, 42 universities.
It has over 100 banks, all of them different no branches of each other.
I was dreaming of that each Beirut Escort has its own account in every bank. And they should be filled with money.

Escort in Beirut
Escort in Beirut

Before reaching in Beirut I was searching for top 10 hotels in Beirut. I found Omonot luxury boutique hotel, Le Vendome Beirut, Le patio boutique hotels and gems hotel.
My plan was to stay in hotel and hire Escorts in Beirut every day and to visit some awesome places out there like National Museum of Beirut, Mohammad Al Amin Mosque, Raouche and Mzar Kfardebian.
Once I landed in Beirut Airport…on my way to Hotel…my eyes were astonished to see the beauty of this nation. It has large archeological structures which were thousands of year ago…Those buildings use to have large bathrooms.

Escort Beirut
Escort Beirut

My friend Tom told me that he is about to call his friend who runs an escort agency who has beautiful independent Escort in Beirut, Lebanon. He dialed a number 0096178978988….First time call was not picked up then he dialed another number 0096170094218. This time call was picked up and heavy voice from other side “Welcome to Beirut Escort services, Do you need any Beirut escort?               
My friend Tom spoke in childish way that he need escort in Beirut for one month…Every day different escort girl to visit places like Anjar, Baalbek , Ksara and Cedars of Lebanon, Kozhaya and Besharreh.

Escorts in Beirut
Escorts in Beirut

He nodded in yes and recognize the voice of Tom and said in Arabic like come to his place ad they will have party with beautiful Escorts Beirut. But I denied to him to do that on that day because I was too much tired and wanted to stay at Hotel.
I agreed with him and I called to my friend Mark and asked for an Escort Beirut. He sent us some images of girls and we selected one. We reached to our hotel, got fresh and had some Lebanese food. Waitress was so sexy and seem like Escort Beirut.



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