Promotion!!! Luxury Escorts in Beirut 40 Min Affordable Price

As we have already anticipated in our section of Beirut on the web, we are delighted to be able to tell you that we have decided to give you the possibility of enjoying services lasting 40 minutes and of course, with the consequent savings, since you can be with anyone of our Escorts in Beirut for affordable price during that time.

Honestly, we have thought a lot, since in essence we like to keep quiet appointments and that it is not a "pom-map-pun", we prefer that you feel relaxed always with enough time so you can talk a little with the girls, have a drink or a soda, take a good shower (alone or accompanied), and that everything happens in perfect harmony because we know you deserve it. We know that there are low cost Beirut Escorts they offer half-hour services and even that there are girls who lend themselves to giving you 20 minutes of their company, and our Beirut Escorts are very, very far from that profile. However, we can print a lot of style and elegance to those 40 minutes of meeting, being aware that there are gentlemen who have less time and they have let us know, so, definitely, we will "throw ourselves into the pool" and our companions will be able to know you all absolutely giving the possibility that also all, you can know them completely and without restrictions. You should bear in mind that only girls whose basic rate that appears inside their file exceeds affordable price would be excluded in reference to this service. All the others are available in this new category, come on, many, many.

The only conditions to take into account to be able to make use of this promotion are, on the one hand, the schedules for your enjoyment, that is, this modality would be superposed at a time between 11:00 and 21:00, only on Monday, Friday. This means that during the weekends (from Friday at 9:00 p.m. until Monday at 11:00 p.m.) and national or local holidays, you would have to go to the usual basic duration and rate. And on the other hand, it is only possible to enjoy the services of 40 minutes in our facilities, that is, we could not offer this service in terms of "outings" (in your hotel or home), being in this last case necessary that the appointment duration of at least one hour.
For the rest, there are no limitations on this, in fact, we know that other agencies launch promotions only for a limited time (we also have done so in relation to our lesbian promo with Beirut Escorts for 550 per hour and a half until the end of December), but in this case, it is and will be like this (40 minutes for affordable price), forever!  So ... Do not wait any longer and decide to try.